After a break of five years, Syranic released their second album "The Coriolis Delusion". It contains five tracks, ranging from four minutes of length to almost seven minutes of sonic destruction. You can grab their EP from Bandcamp (linked below) for five bucks. A pretty fair price tag for the superb quality of the mix.

In general the sound can be described as modern and brutal. The guitars are harsh and growly, though very detailed and rythmic. The whole playing is very precise and tight, as required by this type of music. Furthermore Hendrik Kröger, producer and bassist, managed to create a whole spectrum of different sound settings throughout the different songs, as in the central break-part of Track 2: Fallen King.

The main selling point from my perspective is the glorious synergy of the vocalists Thomas Fischer (Shouts) and Kamil Albrecht (Clean). I really dig the falsetto leading into the very articulated shouts. While drums, bass and guitars glue this together gapless.

The release is currently only available digital, but this is no disk you should be afraid to buy twice. The artwork is as great as the recording and it's a band worth supporting.


  1. Dysfunction
  2. Fallen King
  3. Control Hunter
  4. Wave-Breaker
  5. Yalda

Price: 5€
Released: 30.12.2015