To avoid confusion: The Android-App TextSecure was merged with Redphone and is now called Signal. You can now place secure calls with the App, other than that Signal and Textsecure are the same.

As we already concluded that TextSecure is currently the best messenger you can use we now focus on the one drawback we determined.

Signal in Use

This is a tutorial to use the Signal-Desktop Beta. It is, security-wise, not recommended to use this yet. But to me the convenience of writing on my desktop was more important.

Setting up Signal-Desktop

The setup is pretty straight forward. Follow the steps, the bold part is the important one, everything else is just additional information.

  1. Install Chrome - The App uses Chromes Framework. Don't be afraid though, you don't need to have Chrome running all the time to use Signal on your desktop.
  2. Get the Plugin
    • Developer: Clone the Git-Source and run grunt copy. Then follow the next step using the build from the dist subfolder
    • Non-Developer: Trust me and use the version provided here : 2015/12 Version
  3. Install the Plugin
    1. In Chrome open : chrome://extensions/
    2. Activate the Developer-Mode - A checkbox in the corner
    3. Click Load unpacked Extension and load the plugin
  4. In Chrome visit this link and accept the certificate

That's it ! Now follow the on-screen instructions and you're good to go !