So I decided it was time to get my git up and running as I wanted to do a bit of coding in the next week - and with the rising need for secrecy I thought GitHub wasn't the way to go.
I must admit, the process so far was a lot easier than I expected

The first step was to clone all my GitHub repos locally on the server, (simply using git clone).
Afterwards I had to convert them to bare - repositories (for information on bare git repositories check this ). Simply done using git clone --bare. This could probably have been a single step, but I wanted to make sure everything did what it was supposed to.
Next up was ... - exactly nothing :)
Simply checked it out via ssh (git clone ssh:\ and that's that.

So what did I achieve ?
I now got full control about my repositories. Being independent and knowing the server-side-end of the story feels good.
What do I miss?
Well I now after all realized what GitHub is mainly used for: Community.
No more pulling, no working with multiple, maybe even unknown persons on the same code, es every user needs his own ssh-access to your server :(
The result:
Knowledge. I grasped the way of the bare - ... -- well whatever.
I will probably still use GitHub for every Project I don't code on alone. (Right now 0)
Using my own server for git is very nice though, as in comparison to GitHub you can create an unlimited amount of "private" repositories. As all of them are on your own hdd.