Just wanted to make a quick test whether screen-casting from the Surface Pro 2 was possible. Wanted to do a quick run of Minecraft (Resonant Rise via ATLauncher).

Tools used:

  • Surface Pro 2 (128GB / 4GB RAM)
  • Bandicam / Fraps (Both demo only)
  • USB 3.0 Hub
  • Audiointerface/SM58 Combo
  • External 1080p DELL U2410 Monitor
  • Mouse / Keyboard
So I plugged in everything and it felt great. USB Hub to SP2, mouse, keyboard, USB-Interface up in the hub and DIsplayPort to external Screen. Set to High-Performance and do a quick check: Microphone - working, Screenrecorder - working, Minecraft - running. So I fired up the remote Server, pressed record and joined - and it was terrible.

Don't know whether this will be any better with less cramped mods (we used Resonant Rise, currently featuring one of the highest amounts of mods possible), but in the setup I had chosen it was cruel. Almost always scratching barely 30 FPS with lowest video settings on.

I don't really know what I expected, probably I was hoping that the SSD would be the power horse to keep this running, but nope. screencasting (preferably in good quality) is highly demanding on the hardware site (e.g. you usually have at least one additional hard drive for record only) so this should not be too surprising.
I did some additional testing afterwards, streaming unmodded minecraft works fine, even with high quality sound and typical graphic settings. But for what I had chosen I had to switch to my desktop.

Don't get me wrong, the SP2 is already damn powerful for it has the dimensions of a tablet. I can play even the Resonant Rise Modpack without any issues, even with improved shaders and all that fancy stuff.
But it's just not for screencasting - just wanted to let you know.

Cheers !