Once again: Reviewtime !
It was birthdaytime and I treated myself to something quite extraordinary. A Philips Beard Trimmer 9000.

It's "the world's first laser guided beard trimmer". - A razor with a either 32 mm or 15 mm head and 17 length options, from 0.4 mm to 7 mm. Waterproof and build with a proper Lithium-Ion battery. But enough with the stats - let's get into the review !

The good

The lazer ! It works flawless, it's clearly visible, even in bright daylight - and it's just the right amount of future I want in my razor ! The guideline the lazer projects comes in pretty handy and the arrangement of the projector is just perfect: hazzle-free and intuitive to use.
The different heads work quite well and the different lenghts are perfect to find the ideal one.
Everything feels very sturdy and well build and you feel that you invested money at the right place. For an everyday driver this is just what I need.

The bad

This is quite costly for a razor, and you can't really use it if you aim to get a baby-skin shaving. It is really only for trimming and styling, so you really want to think twice before investing that much.
Furthermore I am afraid that the lazer will stop functioning, if you use it too often, but the provided three years of warranty tamper that feeling.

The ugly

This won't make your beard grow faster - but well, this was to be expected...


Enthusiasts. This is a razor, I feel is build for enthusiasts. The usecase is pretty narrow, but if you are going to wear a beard for quite some time and want to get it nice and crisp, this is for you. The lazer is 100% gadget and you can get along without it just as well (especially if you already are experienced), but "ladies love the lazer" and I'm sure I'm not the only guy, that loves it too ...