Diclaimer: This is not sponsored or anything. My opinion. Nothing else.

The sun is starting to show it's face, temperatures are climbing and the barbecue season is about to peak. I've finally pulled the trigger on a new bike and - with my first real bike - I am was in the market for reliable, portable maintenance and emergency tools.

After an initial research phase and a recommendation for Lezyne tools I decided to go for another manufacturer. Simply as quality, price-performance and design really hit my sweet spot. And boy did I hit the nail on the head.

Quickly ordered their pump on Amazon, a sleek and portable aluminium device with a smart design and black finish.

It arrived the next day and looks and feels as excellent as expected. An amazing value in a portable package. Keep in mind though - a small portable pump will take some more work to get your wheels ready. That's physics though and nothing to blame on the pump ;)

I initially had quite some problems with my Presta valves, but this lead to the joy of contacting their customer support. Nicole helped me figure out the problem and promptly sent me a new tube (for the pump, see picture above). It arrived a few days later and now works as expected. Don't read this as 'expect there to be issues with the product'. Based on the Amazon reviews and the overall quality I'm pretty sure I just got really unlucky and had the one tube that had a 0.1% deviation ;)
The takeaway should rather be: Buy Bike Pro Tools !
Awesome design, amazing price-performance ratio and a really great customer support. Nothing else to say really. I'm looking forward to getting more of their tools <3