Just a short information for those who stumble upon the same problem I did.

So yesterday I configured a performance-monitor (perfmon) setup on one pc and exported the settings (so called counters, the things you want to check) so I could use them on another system.

Well, so long so good - but one system was english and one system was german. And that's where perfmon just stops--- The counters are exported localized, e.g.  "\Physicaldisk(0 C: D:)\Disk Write Bytes/sec". This does not work for a german system.... They expect the german names, and there is no way around this. As it was for a customer I couldn't easily change the language of their system and you can't go on and replace the counter-names with ids or something (without quite some effort, involving registry lookups and so on) and you just can't do anything else then look up all those damn translations ...

For those who stumble upon this, here is the command I used to export all (localized) counter names to a text file:
typeperf -q -o counters.txt

So yesterday wasn't all that funny.
I feel sorry for you if you run into the same problem.

Cheers, Richard .