I have about a year of experience now, and although I transitioned from cold-brew to mokka to french-press to espresso at this time of the year cold brew is still one of the loveliest drinks I can offer my guests.

For those who don't recall what it's all about:

Cold Coffee is a variation of coffee, where you don't extract the taste from the beans with hot water and (relatively) short time, but instead you use cold water and an extraction process that is really slow.

As a result of the different chemical process that takes place, cold coffee features almost non of the acidics from the beans and is almost free of bitterness. Furthermore you'd normally get an extract from this procedure that is much, much higher in coffein- and taste-concentration so that you want to thin it out by adding other liquids like water or milk.

To prepare your own cold coffee follow these steps:

  1. Get some fresh and dark roast coffee beans. If possible from a local roaster. The beans should be only one to two weeks old when processed. Trust me, you'll taste any additional week.
  2. Grab a grinder, and grind 250g of the beans to ~ frensh-press level. Refer to the images below if you want to get an impression.
  3. Put the ground coffee into some container and add a litre of water.
  4. Refrigerate it anywhere from twelve to twentyfour hours.
  5. Filter the outcome and enjoy !

So anyways, I experimented a lot and came up with quite some variations, different techniques and flavor additions.
I don't want to write all this down here, but I want to encourage you, to do the same.

Please take a look at the images below, enjoy imagining the mouth-watering culinary experience and grab some beans and try out different things yourself !

This is an awesome gift idea, it will blow most of the casual coffee-drinker completely away and revolutionize the way they see their daily Café Crème.

Click here for the photos !