My Jawbone and Pebble next to each other As my last wearable, a [NFC-Ring]( did not really live up to my expectation, I felt it was time for a new gadget to play around with. I browsed around a bit and found [Jawbones UP24](

I have never really been much of an sports enthusiast, so fitness-trackers did not get my attention when they first became popular. What made me curious about the UP24 was how easy everything looked. You'd just wear that fancy wristband all day and night, charge it once a week and get all your tracked data to your smartphone without wasting one thought about it.

I continued and read some reviews, comparisons and shenanigans - and was even more pleased when I realized Jawbone was one of the few companies, that did not try to add smartwatch functionality to their trackers. (Sorry to those who like it, but for smartwatch functionality, - well I got my smartwatch ...)

So I was persuaded after three to four days of research and spent the 150 bucks on it. It took a few days to arrive and when it finally did, it felt like christmas :) I immediatly unwrapped it, while still on my way home, and started playing around with it. In the beginning I couldn't get it to work and was already going mad about my bad luck, but after some fiddling I realized it was just some issues with bluetooth on my nexus 4. (As I already have my Pebble connected it needed to reboot once, to get everything settled)

So here I am now, one week later, and this is a short summary of my experiences so far:

What I Expected:

  • Logging of steps, just to get an idea of my habits
  • Logging of sleep, to really get to know my sleep patters, and maybe even get some polyphasic experiences done
  • A simple and convenient wirstband. Easy going in the every-day life
  • Headache-free setup, syncing and charging

What I Got:

  • Daily motivational messages, slowly turning me into a sports guy o.O
  • Controls to log different activities
  • A perfectly connectable App- this is seriously amazing!
  • Idle-Alert - reminding you to move every once in a while
  • Awesome sleep logging and Catnaps !!!
  • ... and all of the above !

The Bottomline:

While I expected this to be a nice gadget, this has blown my expectations away:

Sleepcycles are recognized very well and wake you up so you always feel refreshed. Catnaps provide the ability to snooze off for a couple of minutes to regain strength. (my personal favourite)

The interconnectivity allows you to pair the app whith almost everything you want. (I even started logging my food on a daily basis, just because it's so simple!) And you don't have to worry about either software or hardware!

You sincerely did a great job here Jawbone !

This is one of those gadgets that could change your life and lead you to a better self. This encourages self-awareness and puts your body into your consciousness. This is a fine piece of craftsmanship and you have no excuse not to wear one ;)

Or do you ?

I have found some potential issues as well, some aspects that made me shiver and some features that you will definitely miss.

  1. There is no way to view the collected data on your computer (at least not without third-party-apps)

  2. The 2.5 mm loader is ridicolous

  3. Why use nickel on a device you'd wear every day !?

  4. I've read a lot about people whose bands just stopped working after a couple of month, bad service and no replacements

Well, make up your own mind.
I don't regret my decision, but I've only been UP one week.
Anyway- fitness-trackers rock, be sure to check one out sooner or later!