In the following lines I will state my opinion about the talks of PyCon 2016 in no more than three sentences per talk. On the one hand this is what I will use to keep track of the sessions that really sparked my interest, on the other hand you can use this as a quick guide to figure out which talks might interest you !


A. Jesse Jiryu Davis - Write an Excellent Programming Blog
A interesting talk to get you up and running writing your own programming blog. Focus on quality and meaningfulness. Very non-technical with great examples and ideas.

Adrienne Lowe - Bake the Cookies, Wear the Dress: Connecting with confident authenticity
Meta-Talk about becomming a better presenter and the Adriennes ways. I loved this talk, it was very refreshing, lovely presentation style and - like the title states - confident authentic.

Ana Balica - To mock, or not to mock, that is the question
Good rhetorics, interesting topic. Not something that really interested me, but a good talk.

Andrew Godwin - Reinventing Django for the Real-Time Web
A great talk that makes you want to start working on the Web2.0. I did not work with Django yet, but the talk made me want to start. Great basics and fundamentals on the idea on more then "question - answer"

Alex Gaynor - The cobbler's children have no shoes, or building better tools for ourselves
Extending your workflow of CI/PR/BT with custom tailored bots. Rather aimed at bigger projects, but nonetheless interesting. Clear and understandable speaker, easy to listen to.

Chloe Mawer - Trainspotting: real-time detection of a train’s passing from video
*[RECOMMENDATION]*Very interesting and thorough. Involving a lot of basics of CV with great examples and visual appeal. More technical than most of my other favorites - great !

Anne Decusatis - More than Binary: Inclusive Gender Collection
Focuses a lot on general ideas of gender and gender identity. Shows a little bit of code and provides a concept for improvement. Not one of my favorites, rather demanding and reproaching rather than informing and encouraging.

Ashwini Orugantid - Dispelling the 'Genius Programmer' Myth through Code Review
A very great introduction, as well as inside views, about contribution to Open Source Projects, improving as a programmer and communication in reviews. All that with a focus on giving new programmers an approach to learn through contribution. Furthermore provides information for project maintainers on how to improve the quality of contributions you get - I liked it !

Brian Corbin - Accelerating healthcare transactions with Python and PyPy
Interesting story telling describing a companies growth and technology usage. An all-out, hit-everything talk that touches a lot of topics and is fun and interesting to listen to. I didn't get that much content from it, but the talking was great (beware of the accent).