On my way back from work I stumbled upon this:


READ IT - I don't care if it's long

I'm feeling so damn 1984. Little Brother's sending best regards. No need to read dystopian novels anymore. Just turn on the news and you're good to go. I literally just wanted to skip a few chapters (to get to the plot twist), see Snowden being the evil thread puller, only wanting to promote his "security protocol" thus creating a super virus - being stopped from good guy government in the last second for a neat happy end.

But hey, this is god damn reality.
Sadly it's the other way around (Not that I would like Snowden to be evil. ha.). And it's the government being the anti-hero in this story.

For a nice summary I remember something I often heard in my childhood it roughly translates to "What's left for us to fight against, when there's nothing our parents didn't already challenge ?" -There is something to fight, there is enough to fight ...