This is promotion on my own behalf. I worked on creating this. This is not a review, but a recommendation and shameless advertising !

Band Cover

This is the first release (as of 06.09.2014) of the Aachener Band Ius Talionis. It will be avaliable for free download once the website launches, or you can buy the CD from them for 5€. It's in the genre of BlackMetal and offers a solid soundbase and recording quality for a demo. Especially when taking into consideration the band only formed in the early months of 2014.

They play in a default setup of two guitars, bass, vocals and drums. The music is driven by diverging guitars, dominant mid-level bass lines and crisp vocals. The demo features 4 songs and a length of roughly 40 minutes. Contentwise, as the title suggests, freedom is a big part of the demos topics. Vocals and lyrics are in German.


  1. Irrlicht
  2. Das Antlitz des Krieges
  3. Im Angesicht des Todes
  4. Eleutheromania

The sound is modern and defined. Not all that typical for BlackMetal, but much easier on the ears. The demo was released at the Black Metal Mass 2014 event, joined by the two bands Notorius and Frigoris. As far as I'm concerned the demo sold well and feedback for the event was great. So it already proved itself on the roads !

Be sure to check out the Youtube-Version of Eleutheromania, while you wait for the download to go online. ( Link here: link )

Cheers !