Okay okay, calm down. I know that I can't keep you hanging with the app choices after you decided to get that chiny new iPad - so here we go ;)

The recommendations are ordered by
1. Amount of Usage: Daily Driver to Monthly Missclick
2. Universality: Everybody to Homeroasters

After that it's either my preference or history with apps, but that should be obvious.

Pro Tip: Read this on your iPad for easy AppStore linkage

Apple Pencil Notes

This is where the iPad shines and this is where I spent most of my time. Testing various apps from Bookshelf to OneNote the app I'm going to recommend is GoodNotes 5.

GoodNotes 5

While notability is certainly a close second I liked the UI of GoodNotes better and both are very complete in terms of features.

Apple Pencil Sketches and Art

Short one: Procreate.
Simply amazing app that got many people, myself included, into the iPad workflow in the first place. There sure are alternatives and some of them will be very good, but I never bothered. Procreate got everything I want and more. If you only get one app (and like to (learn to) draw for that matter): get this one.


Organization, Calendar and Todo List

Some older apps have been around for some time. I tried the German Things 3, which comes at a steep price tag of roughly 80€ if you buy it for all devices. It is well designed and beautiful, but it quickly pales in comparison to the featureset of Agenda.

Agenda is the "Newcomer" in this field and still working some things out, but it's free for all basic features and comes with a fair payment model. There's markdown support, tags, peoples, reminders, ...
I'm still trying to find my optimal workflow, but the developers interact with their community (https://agenda.community) and constantly improve this already great piece of software. It also supports sync through iCloud, so that you can use a single service and don't have to setup anything 3rd party.


Photo & Video Editing

I'm used to Google's Snapseed and it's free - so that is still being used for photos. For videos there's LumaFusion which is basically a full fledged video editing tool - but comes at the corresponding pricetag. Still a solid investment if you ask me. I edit all videos on my iPad and the workflow is very smooth and intuitive with most features you'd get on a desktop equivalent. Only thing I'm really missing is video stabilization. Did not find a good solution for that yet.


Niche Gems

So here are the apps I also use often, but don't really want to go into detail, as they are rather niche. Check them out though, they're great!

  • Coffee / Home Roasting:
    • Numbers for tracking Roast Profiles
    • Coffee.Guru for recipes
    • Beanconqueror for shot tracking
  • BodyWeightFitness for, well ...
  • Apollo for Reddit
  • Pass for my Passwords
  • Nextcloud for Cloud Storage
  • Guitar Pro for Music Practise
  • Game Master 5th Edition for D&D
  • Tweetbot for Twitter
  • Google Photos for Photo Backup/Access