I've recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 2. And I've been very happy. The hardware is nice, the design is awesome and the whole product perfectly suits my needs. But I am going to tell you why I will dissuade anyone from getting one!

This is not about hardware or software, this is not a product review (I still love my SP2), this is about attitude. This is about the way you treat a customer who spend 1000$+ on one of your products. This is about a big company failing - not able to compete where small startups and businesses, with their hearts at the right place, shine.

To begin with I've never had any issues that were worth mentioning with most of my products. If I ever had to get in contact with any company it was because I had to ask something or wanted to know something, or simply to say "thanks". For instance I once asked Pebble whether it would be possible to get my hands on their apk (for the google-free android setup) and they answered immediatly and provided the apk within hours. THIS is what this is about: Service.

I don't want to denounce anyone for not answering within a second (especially if it's a company as big as Microsoft), but I want to denounce a complete failure in support. So here is my story:
I've only had a small question about my SP2 to start with, called up the support and the fun began. In the beginning I was quite happy that I did not have to wait for too long in the queque. I was then answered quite fast and competent and I've been told I would get my answer within a week, as it required some clarification with a higher instance. No issues so far, everything perfectly smooth and awesome. But now the band began to play... So after two weeks (they couldn't have gotten my email wrong, as it was linked to my Microsoft-Account) still waiting for an answer I gave their tech-chat a try, to ask for a update on the status and chaos evolved. The first person I talked to seemed very competent and listened in to all I said, but in the end had to redirect me to the sales-team, as she could not issues my cases from her position within the system. Redirected to the salesteam I had to rewrite my whole story again, as "unfortunately" it was not possible to transfer the user from one chat to another without every data being lost. At least the person I spoke to first had given me a personal-reference number, which I could proudly point to, just to be told that it was completly worthless. Well the nice person from the sales-team, let's call him Dave, seemingly read through all I had to say (took him about 10 minutes for 10 lines..) and misstook my first sentence "Hi, hope you could help, tech-support redirected me here..." and redirected me to the tech-support .... By now you could tell I was pretty damn pissed off. But this wasn't enough yet, as the person on the office chat first told me to tell her everything (took me a few minutes and bleeding fingertips once again) just to then tell me "it was a pleasure helping you solve the issues. If any other errors occure, please feel free to contact us again" and closed the chat immediatly afterwards.
Not only have I been bounced from one end of the support line to another, but I have deliberately been made fun off. This is a piece of impudence I still have to chew on for a couple of weeks. I really feel like swiping my 1000$ devices through the companis face a few times, or preferably until I get my money back.

By then I was already furious, but tried it once again (this time with the german tech-support). It only took the guy on the other hand 10 minutes to answer (after being stuck 40 minutes in the que, WITH 0 PEOPLE IN QUE BEFORE ME.....) but he was kinda competent again and finally told me I had to call in, as their system did not allow any of the chat-support-guys to look at the data you provide to the telephone-support-guys. (What the heck is wrong with that system!?) So I once again grabbed my phone and rang their support hotline. Suprisingly I was served almost immediatly - and this time my issue was even solved properly. No waiting of weeks, no bouncing to any other department, just a "I'll send you the email within 15 minutes" and I recieved the mail and a proper answer. 15 minutes, one call - problem solved. Just that it took two and a half weeks of presquabble.

While I still like the Surface Pro line, I highly recommend you NOT to buy one. Because if ANYTHING ever goes wrong, you'll either have to invest hours and hours of your time or just solve it yourself. I certainly do NOT want to think about the procedure I'll have to go through if any hardware defect occurs ...

Biiiiig big blame on Microsoft Support here. It's the worst. Support smaller businesses, don't go with the big guys (especially not Microsoft). Sorry - but this really killed the Surface for me.

Sad Cheers, Richard

p.s..: Almost forgot, I even tried @MicrosoftHelps - ... don't even bother ...