• Origin: Colombia
  • Grade: Supremo Screen 19, handsorted, shade grown
  • Region: Central Coloumbia, Risaralda, NN 1500m
  • Vendor:
  • Producer: Coop of thirty small-scale producers
  • Processing: Washed and Dried on African Beds
  • Variety: Castilla, Catimor, Colombia
  • Price: 9€/Kilo
  • Year: 2017
Raw Beans

Used them up before I could jot down notes.

General Considerations

Very nice with a light roast. Max temperature of 235°C resulted in lots of berries and a very enjoyable citric acidity. At 245°C more roasting aromas which did not supplement the main body a lot.


Ground with the beautiful Kinu M47, prepared in the Dalla Corte Mini. Brewed at around 94°C. Normal grind, normal pour time. For filter I used 20g / 400ml for two cups.


Would buy again. Very nice in the cup (filter) did not manage to produce an espresso roast. Lot's more to be discovered. Rather delicate in handling.

Picture not related to coffee. Just forgot to take one.