This has been a draft for quite some time. I'm just releasing it to get it out of the way, may update when doing more presentational stuff though.

All steps are executed on an Ubunt 15.10 x64 Ubuntu Release


1. Install nodejs

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nodejs

2. Install grunt

npm install grunt

3. Clone the revealjs repo

git clone

4. Install dependencies

cd reveal.js && npm install

5. Serve the presentation

grunt serve

When you finished the steps, all file changes should be automatically detected and you can start working on your presentation ! The slides are available at http://localhost:8000. The port can be changed running :

grunt serve --port 8001

You will be presented with the following folder structure:

  • css: contains core styles, needed for the slides to function.
  • js: contains the core javascript. Same as above.
  • plugin: extensions for revealjs
  • lib: third party libraries