So you're asking what's up with that generic title ? Well I don't know - I'm just not that creative right now.

Creative Commons is a licensing ideal. It's revolutionizing the copyright world and something you should use whenever possible ! Pretty much everything you did yourself and publish (e.g. on Instagram) can be marked with such a license, and I challenge you to do so !

Why Creative Commons ? That's pretty simple. First of all a C(reative)C(ommons) License is easily understood and declutters the copyright jungle were currently in. Secondly all those licenses give some basic rights to everyone. Rights that should be applied to everything. If a work is marked with CC you (in every case) use it as is, share it, download it and set is as your wallpaper. WE'RE IN THE 21st CENTURY, YOU CAN'T RESTRICT THIS ANYWAY. So why bother ? With a CC license you're encouraging people to share your work - and whether you're a cartoonist, a photographer or a musician - let's be honest, you want people to see your work, that's why you're doing it in the first place !

This doesn't mean though, that you have to grant all those rights. You can limit the ways to interact with your work, or enhance them. For example with a CC-0 license you're giving your work to the public space, free of ownership and no need to credit you. Pretty handy when someone already designed that nice lightbulb you want to use in your presentation and you don't need to add a source for that small image ;)
Another example would be a pretty restricted CC BY-NC-ND. BY = Give credit to the original author, NC = Non-Commercial, ND = No Derivs. So the work can't be remixed, altered or built upon, credit has to be given and you can't do anything commercial with it.
So as you can see in those two examples there are enough options for everyone and you're supporting a modern licensing system, built for the internet.

How to apply Creative Commons ? We all know that watermarks suck so of course you don't want to do anything like that. A simple way is to add a disclaimer to your profile or the page you're publishing (notice the CC BY at the bottom of this blog) or add a text to the description. That's it. No need to register anything or pay any fees. Just add the information and maybe link to the CC website to spread awareness :)! (A simple way to do this by using this generator.)

To end this post I want to mention a big inspiration to me: Cory Doctorow. He's publishing his books with a CC license and is a great guy in general. He's the one who got me started with all this, check out some of his work !

Cheers !

see that NASA image at the top ? It's CC-0 ;)