• Origin: Honduras, Brasil, India
  • Price: ~ 24€/Kilo
  • Blend: 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta
  • Character: Pretty punchy, very classical coffee-taste

Slightly overdosed, roughly 16g per double-shot. Normal pour time. Ground with Rancillio Rocky S, prepared with Rancillio Silvia.


The title already perfectly expresses what you're going to get here. 100% classical taste here. Nothing fancy, no fruit, nothing sour or bitter.
I really like the taste, it blends well with milk in a latte or cappuccino. As a doppio or single it doesn't put much stress on the tummy and gives a nice coffeein push.
Recommended to everyone looking for a classical taste or a solid entry into the espresso world. Price is pretty low, and you can get them roasted localy.

Would buy again ?

Everytime ! It's rather cheap and tastes great ! Probably a little bit boring if you drink too much of it.


Contigo Classic