Well just a short summary:

  • I did finish a part of what I planned to
  • I do have a result to show off
  • I did not even come close to the 24h I planned to work on this
But I got a few remarks to make:
  • Get friends to do this with you, otherwise you will get distracted easily and won't ever reach the 24h goal
  • Choose realistic goals. A bit of research/learning new things is nice, but in general you should know, which tools to use to get to your goal
  • Make breaks regularly, though I wouldn't recommend doing anything distracting
  • Choose something fun to do :)
I will continue to work on what I managed to get done, but I am not sure how long I will do that. But in case I need to use anything again my code is at least nicely documented, so I can reuse everything :)

Furthermore I collected quite a few links for reference etc. So next time I will probably get started easier.